de ware heler
ziet het duister
pijn en angst
voluit aan
in zichzelf

om de weg
te bereiden
voor wie
de wijze weg
wil gaan

Onderstaande was aanleiding voor mijn gedicht

She gathered leaves and little twigs
And she twined all of them together
Out of it a nest was made
For her to hide from stormy weather
Wrapped in the safety of her nest
She curled into a ball
Holding her knees against her chest
She escaped from it all
She chose to make her own safe place
To hide from her own thoughts
No matter where she ran to hide
Her thoughts would leave her not
She couldn't bear the burdens
Nor the weight upon her heart
The pain she had within
Began pulling her apart
Each time she felt fear
In her nest, she would hide
Denying her true feelings
And hiding tears she cried
Isolation wasn't good at all
For she was crumbling apart
It made her feel so very small
Lost alone in her own dark
She thought self care was hiding herself
So she didn't have to feel
But real self care is acknowledging pain
That is truly how one heals

© Janelle Erin Elizabeth Peters 2021 all rights reserved

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