8 Aq’ab’al of Nacht

ze lacht en geniet

in een grijs gebied
waar leegte zwijgt
stilte fluisterend

spreekt, breekt zij
trauma door en boort
levensvreugde aan …



she smiles and enjoys
in a gray area
where emptiness is silent
silence whispering

speaks, she breaks through
trauma and taps into
joie de vivre …


Deze vond ik:

And then We were found
The one thing we’ve learned, is there’s one thing for sure
that history is there’s who would write it
That those who would rule, would give us their truth
and force us all here to recite it
From Ancient Greek cultures, to grand Persian sultans
to empires of Egypt and Rome
and China’s great wall, speaks nothing at all
of culture and history at home
Was ours not worth knowing? Our people, our story?
Of customs that long had been here
Of a world that was true, and not really brand new
On record for thousands of years
Their history portrays, we were sadly misplaced
When three Spanish ships ran aground
And five hundred nations received their salvation
after waiting so long to be found
But we did pretty good for being ‘lost in the woods
dating back to 10 thousand BC
Our writings were words, not hieroglyph forms
like those found in Egypt and Greece
Our writings have shown, this long had been home
and something the Maya were proud of
For infinite seasons, their garden of Eden
was one they were never cast out of
The Anasazi had built a palace with cliffs
which spirit inspired the thunder
This great canyon remains in four-corner states
A Mecca they simply called Wonder
So why weren’t we schooled of this nation of jewels
with traditions we still remember?
A culture so near that in twelve hundred years
we’d be taking a train up to Denver
Fort Ancients evolved with what they would call
Three Sisters of corn, squash and beans
And before they were found, their Great Serpent Mound
was crowned at Ohio Brush Creek
The Cahokian tribes built their cities astride
the greatest American rivers
One village maintained, and completely sustained
thirty nine thousand civilians
But one of the greatest nations of Natives
emerged from a Nahua reliance
From the Mexico Valley stood a glorious palace
brought forth by the Aztec alliance
The pyramid culture was left for the future
which spoke of the people’s creator
And we’d truly admired the Incan Empire
which prospered around the equator
Before they were found the Taíno were strong
and harvested land and the sea
They used ancient ways for travel and trade
while maintaining the guidelines for peace
For thousands of years, these nations were here
with resources, wealth and with power
Sharing assets abound, before they were found
Before the fruit had turned sour
Then Columbus showed up with three loads of nuts
The Taíno received them as friends
The white folks had thought the Natives were lost
And Natives were sure it was them
Though cordial at first, this visit got worse
They resembled those guests we all know
They wear out their welcome, won’t do what you tell them
and seems like they’ll never go home
On their very next trip they had seventeen ships
and the Natives would soon to discover
they weren’t here to trade, but to kill and enslave
and make riches for only each other
In a four year time two-thirds of them died
a genocide in a full swing
Slaying young and the old, for God and for gold
for them was that’s very same thing
The Columbus regime, was a killing machine
that ruled with terror and fear
This man once admired was finally fired
so brutal he scared his own peers
But his rule still applied that all Natives must die
throughout the Caribbean nations
And a million once strong were soon dead and gone
through murder, disease and starvation
We were much better off back when we were lost
back when we could truly excel
One way or another all Natives discovered
Columbus was sent here from hell
And this is the case to destroy a whole race
with no trace of hundreds of nations
Telling natives in class, enshrined Euro-trash
is honored for killing relations
And by teaching our youth their version of truth
is keeping their legend intact
They’re entitled to keep the opinions they reap
but never entitled to facts
And that’s where it’s at, they’re ashamed of the facts
of what they had done to the Natives
they can’t figure out, just how to slide out
from lies that they’ve created
So on Columbus day we’ll rain on parades
To compete with the lies and distortion
The facts they’re bending denies ethnic cleansing
that happened in massive proportions
If it’s Columbus you want, he’s yours but don’t flaunt
by teaching this perjury in class
Though Natives are known for signals of smoke
We don’t need it blown up our Ass
(Author) Daaxkoowadein



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