13 Kan of Slang

jij leeft
geeft adem
tochten in
reizen door

werelden vol
vorm en kleur
dikke deuren die
openen en sluiten

zo boven, zo beneden
zo binnen, zo buiten

als een geheelde
ziel ten goede komt
verstomt het geweld
wel tellen de krachten
en machten vol pijn
azijnspuiten naar buiten
het liefst in jou

de pure zuivere
binnenkant die
onschendbaar zou
moeten zijn …


you live
gives breath
tours in travel
by worlds
full shape and colour
thick doors that open
and close
so above
so below
so inside
so outside
as a healed soul
benefits silences
the violence however,
the forces count and powers
full of pain
vinegar spraying
to the outside
preferably in you
the soul
pure inside
that would be
must be…
Van Jaguar Wiskom: There are three day signs which relate to the archetype of Feathered Serpent. One of them is Iq’, which is Feathered Serpent as the wind god, the primal creator spirit who appears in the first few pages of the Pop Wuj. The day sign Aj is the K’iche’ equivalent of the Aztec Acatl (Reed), and relates to the historical Toltec spiritual teacher called Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl.
Kan (Yucatec: Chicchan) simply means “snake” in K’iche’ and symbolizes Feathered Serpent as a manifestation of the energy within the body which is called koyopa.
Koyopa literally means “lightning.” If you are speaking to a campesino with no interest in costumbre (the ancient ways), he is probably referring to actual lightning in the sky. But if you are speaking to a daykeeper, he’s probably talking about the “inner lightning.”
This inner lightning is perceived as a serpent. Bolts of lightning are “serpents in the sky.” This inner lightning or koyopa is a feminine power. My friend Doña Maria told me that when she was a young girl her elders (people born near the beginning of the 20th century) always told her that girls ought not to stare at the lightning, because the affinity between women and lightning was so intense that overly sensitive individuals could easily fall out of balance.
The koyopa is also a messenger. It sends us signals by causing a trembling in one of the 13 major joints in the body. Often, this trembling comes to daykeepers as they perform the divination ritual, and it means that a special message is coming to them from the ancient gods.

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